New Whale Pingers now Louder, Stronger and Cheaper!

Alaskan gill net and purse seine fishermen have been using Future Oceans Whale Pingers to protect their expensive fishing gear, since 2011.

Future Oceans new technology Whale Pingers now made in San Diego, CA.

The new Whale Pingers include the following important features:

  • Super durable external casings CNC machined from virgin Acetal, made in Idaho.
  • Red LED to indicate low battery (Flashes 7 times as soon as Pingers are removed from the water).
  • Green LED to confirm Pinger is operating (flashes 3 times when first immersed and again 7 times when Pingers come out of the water).
  • New electronics ensuring problem free, reliable operation.
  • Increased output – Humpbacks will hear Pingers from further away.
  • 12 months warranty.
  • Note: When batteries are changed both Green and Red LED will flash twice indicating Pinger is powering up and both LEDs are operating normally.
    When coming out of the water:
    Flashing Green = battery is OK.
    Flashing Red = change battery!

For more details please see: Whale Pingers Product Overview

Specs and Recommendations:

  • 3 kHz (+/- .5 kHz) frequency at 135 dB (+/- 4 dB)
  • For use in gillnet, purse seine and pot fisheries.
  • Whale Pingers Recommended Spacing: One every 50 meters, 150 feet or 25 fathoms on all gear.
  • Tested in the USA  to 2200 PSI, equivalent to 4700 feet/ 1400 meters.
  • Conditional 12 months warranty. Future Oceans Batteries must be used to comply with warranty.
  • Whale Pinger batteries will last 120 days based on 12 hours use per day. (60 days based on 24 hours use per day).

$100 USD


The Whale Pinger works by emitting a signal that is detected by Humpback whales. Whales are alerted to the presence of whatever gear the Pinger is deployed on, allowing them the chance to move away from the gear with a reduced risk of entanglement.


The new Whale Pinger operates at 3 kHz, with an output of 135 decibels. Research indicates that the 3 kHz frequency sits in the middle of the best known hearing range of Humpbacks.


The Whale Pinger will alert Whales to whatever gear the Pinger is attached to. Any industry that has challenges with whale interactions should use the Whale Pinger.
Including: Gillnetters, Purse seiners, Commercial and recreational Lobster and Crab line & trap fishers, Aquaculture operations

Don’t Take Our Word For It…

More Testimonials

Future Oceans 3 kHz Whale Pinger

Future Oceans low frequency Whale Pinger was designed in collaboration with the Queensland State Government and James Cook University researchers, to reduce the number of Humpback whale entanglements in shark control nets that protect beaches along Australia’s Eastern seaboard.

Today the Whale Pinger is being used successfully in reducing Humpback whale entanglements in commercial fisheries and aquaculture operations all around the world.

Whale Pingers operate with a 3 kHz (+/- .5 kHz) frequency at 135 dB (+/- 4 dB). Since fitting Future Oceans Whale Pingers to shark nets in Australia in 2010, Humpback entanglements have dropped significantly. The reduction in Humpback entanglements continues despite the fact that the number of Humpback whales migrating along Australia’s Eastern seaboard is increasing by 10% per year.

Alaskan Salmon fishers were early adopters by also using the Whale Pingers in 2010. Today more and more Alaskan fishermen are using Whale Pingers to protect thier valuable gear from whale interactions

Using Whale Pingers = Increased Profitability

Whale Pingers are saving fishermen time and money by:

  • Preventing the loss of expensive nets
  • Reducing the need for repairs if nets are retrieved.
  • Mitigating lost time at dock while gear is being repaired.
  • Maximizing fishing effort – no lost time, labor, or fuel at sea dealing with whale entanglements.