Future Oceans Research

Bycatch Research Resources

Future Oceans is a key stakeholder in the challenge to reduce cetacean bycatch. We work with groups including:

  • Governments
  • Government research institutions
  • Private research institutions
  • Environmental NGOs
  • Fishing associations
  • Individual fishermen
  • The public

Stakeholders from all around the world rely on us to deliver information on Pinger technology, including advice on scientific trials involving the use of Pingers.

Bycatch Research Documents

Future Oceans has created the largest online cetacean bycatch research library currently available in the world. Our research resources are free to download and available to anyone who has an interest in this global issue.

We encourage researchers to access and contribute to the library and welcome inquiries from anyone who is interested in better understanding the science of Pinger technology.

Email info@futureoceans.com for more information about the library as well and past, present and future Pinger trials and research. If you are considering a Pinger project please feel free to contact us.

Click here to access the Future Oceans library